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Olé Olé Olé...

I managed to do my math homework today. On my own. Well at least the concept. The calculating part is still a problem...but if I take care and time to calculate, then I shouldn't have a problem with that. This is a great RELIEF.

Course, if I manage to deal with that - what I did - then I also can deal and comprehend all the other stuff! YAY!!

But that's it for tonight - gotta go back and study some more. FUN.

13.2.07 18:22


Shoot, shoot, shoot....

I am still behind!! And I am afraid I won't catch up with my reading and everything. That's bad. I am on the edge to panic.

But it is my own fault, I guess. Well, I konw it is. I just don't do enough. Again. That sucks. Big time. I could kick my own ass. But I can't, although I really, really want to.

Can someone else please do that for me? Kick my ass. Yell at me. Make me study. Whatever. Do something! I need to be motivated.

All right. Calming down now. I just have to motivate myself, then.

Blupp, I gotta study. Bye.
7.2.07 18:04

6.2.07 16:54

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4.2.07 16:46


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4.2.07 16:45

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